Roulette Game Information

Purpose of the game

The player’s objective is to guess correctly and put bets on these numbers will come up after turning the wheel. The player places bets on the table and if lucky – take profits, the value of which is determined by the area, which relies. The payment ranges from 1 to 1 to 35 to 1 depending on the likelihood of knowledge of the true number.

Zones betting

In roulette you have numerous options bets by different bets are determined by the arrangement of the chips on the table. Bets are divided into internal and external, as internal are more payment (and less chance of winning), and external debt – less payment (and a greater chance of winning).

The types of roulette bets you can see in the table.

Game of Roulette

If you’re new to the game, the best would be to play simple. There are many direct stakes until you are more confident in your game. Try to stick to numbers or bets like red / black and odd / even.

My Numbers

After a time, players can have their own system for bets based plan. But each turn leads to any result and no guaranteed system for profit in a given period. Using favorite numbers is as good a strategy as any other strategy Roulette.

Betting Systems

Many players like to increase your bet until you win. The most popular example is the “Martingale system” in which you double your bet after each unsuccessful bet. Many players believe that this is a safe system, but the risk is that the player relies more and more just to regain lost. Even if you start with one bad run of seven straight defeats means that eighth bet must be 128 units per unit profit.

To stop this habit of betting, most casinos set limits on the table. Long series of numbers and colors exist Roulette, and it is not uncommon to see a series of, for example, red. You will have many benefits if this happens, but there is a risk to gamble large sums if you’re lucky!